Family & Consumer Sciences Day 2021


FCS truly does tie them all together - 
Join us for a birthday celebration, regardless of the weather!
It's FCS Friday on December 3rd Twenty Twenty-One - 
We're going to use the apron to "tie" in a little fun!
In previous years, AAFCS encouraged you to dine -
But, this year, it's time for Family and Consumer Sciences to really shine!

FCS is the key to success in today’s complex and challenging world.  FCS provides the tools, the know-how and the resilience to meet any challenge head-on.  From learning the value of a dollar, knowing how to prepare healthy meals and having the confidence to seek out and grasp opportunities, a foundation in FCS IS a foundation for a successful life. From homes, to schools, to communities, and everywhere in between, FCS professionals use an evidence-based approach to help people lay the groundwork for long, healthy and successful lives.

With its many content areas and multiple practice settings, let's show everyone how "FCS Ties it All Together" for #FCSsuccess!  And, to commemorate the profession and its founder, Ellen Swallow Richards, we celebrate her birthday -- December 3!  This year, we will bring together multiple content areas of food and nutrition, culinary and food science, family relationships and lifespan development, and fashion design/textiles to provide several opportunities for EVERYONE to engage in the celebration!

2021 FCS Day Proclamation

The proclamation template is an excellent way to gain additional visibility for Family & Consumer Sciences Day.  Don’t be shy, ask your school administrator, local or state public official, partner and others to proclaim December 3 as Family & Consumer Sciences Day.  Please send your signed proclamation to AAFCS.

About the 2021 Theme

With the increased popularity of cooking, the rising craft movement, and interest in retro fashion and vintage look, the apron has made a comeback.  While aprons have many benefits, the most important is likely the functionality and protection they provide.  The apron can also tie to many careers!  Chefs in homes and restaurants appreciate a good apron (or chef coat) to keep their clothes clean.  Aprons allow for a safe and hygienic working environment.  In fact, the apron or lab coat is listed as one of the required pieces of protective equipment in the lab.  

The apron has long been a symbol of generosity and hospitality!  One of its most noteworthy qualities is helpfulness.  Like the apron, Family and Consumer Sciences professionals "give generously" to the individuals, families, and communities that they serve and are some of the most hospitable individuals!

Students and professionals are invited and encouraged to engage in the following celebration activities:



Join us on ZOOM on Friday, December 3rd at 7 PM Eastern for a special birthday celebration!

The event will feature:
  • two presenters, EllynAnne Geisel and Dan Wagner; 
  • designs submitted in the FCS Day Design Showcase;
  • favorite healthy recipes; and
  • personal or professional stories and inspirations!

Click on the REGISTER HERE button to receive your unique access link for the live event!  NOTE: Post-event, all registrants will be emailed a link to the recording and a PDU certificate -- 1 PDU is earned via watching the live event or recording.

EllynAnne Geisel

EllynAnne Geisel, apron curator and author of “The Apron Chronicles:  A Patchwork of American Recollections”.  She’s also written “The Apron Book”.  For more information about her "passion for the armor of domesticity and celebration of the homemaker and her arts," and collections of aprons and museum exhibits, visit www.apronmemories.com.

Dan Wagner

Dan Wagner is an FCS teacher in Pennsylvania and recipient of the 2018 High School Educator Award for the Carnegie Science Center.  Dan is known for integrating STEM - science, technology, engineering, and math - into the culinary arts curriculum, teaching food science, and keeping his students focused on preparing for their futures and careers.  Under his leadership, his students and FCCLA members have catered numerous events, including Inauguration events at the White House.